MP: Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the cluster of “Gradov” in Velyki Kopani in Kherson region, the occupiers are in panic

Deputy: Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a cluster of «Gradov» in Velikie Kopani in Kherson region, the invaders are panicking

The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked a large concentration of military equipment of Russian invaders in the village of Velyki Kopani in the Kherson region. This was reported by journalist Andrei Tsaplienko.

According to his sources, the equipment belonged to the occupation units from Dagestan.

Deputy of the Kherson Regional Council Sergei Khlan specified that the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to destroy a significant number of Russian BM MLRS -21 «Grad», as well as the personnel of the occupying army.

«The occupiers are in great panic in Velikie Kopani. The Armed Forces of Ukraine got into a whole cluster of their «Gradov» in an unfinished market. Arrived and personnel. The exact number of losses is still impossible to calculate. No one is allowed in, the Russians are running around in shock. Previously, this was a defeat by militant units from Dagestan. We are waiting for official information. The destruction of the enemy continues!» Hlan noted.

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