Murder in Stoneham: relatives of the young Moroccan in shock

Murder at Stoneham: the relatives of the young Moroccan in shock

Achraf Thimoumi arrived in Montreal in 2019.

The family and friends of Achraf Thimoumi, found dead in a car on Monday in Stoneham, were shocked to learn of his passing. They don't understand what happened or what he was doing in Quebec.

“C' was a really good kid. […] I'm actually afraid it's a kid who's a bit naive and got into something bad that unfortunately ended up like this. With friends, that's the impression we get. »

— Thibault Toret, friend of Achraf Thimoumi and founder of Wheel Heads Montreal

He points out, among other things, that few people had come across him lately and that the young Moroccan had begun to disappear from the Internet, notably by deleting his Instagram posts.

Thibault Toret and Achraf Thimoumi's cycling companions will pay tribute to him in the coming days by organizing a ride through the streets of Montreal.

The Moroccan and Maghreb community was also surprised to learn of the death of Achraf Thimoumi. This is the case of Rachid Najahi, journalist at Atlas Montreal.

It's a shock for us as members of the community, for the family, for the parents . We can't explain exactly what happened. He was a shy, quiet, trouble-free young boy. The guy was still smiling. And there, we learn that he was killed. It's shocking, confides Rachid Najahi to Radio-Canada.

He is very involved in the community in this kind of situation. My role is to help the family with the procedures to repatriate the body to Morocco with the parents. Relatives are currently organizing to raise the necessary funds.

Achraf Thimoumi arrived in Montreal in 2019. He had started studying welding at the Teccart Institute, a school of technology. He then decided to change training to undertake a diploma of professional studies in automobile mechanics at the Aviron Technical Institute of Montreal. He was to be back in class on Tuesday for a new session.

The SQ is able to confirm that Achraf Thimoumi was the victim of a murder, but does not can confirm it's murder by firearm. The investigation is continuing.

More details to come

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