Murder of Jayson Colin: “There is a structural security issue in Montreal North”

Murder of Jayson Colin: “There is a structural security issue in Montréal-Nord”

Robertson Berlus and Ronide Casséus the stepfather and the mother of Jayson Colin, who was killed in a shooting in Montreal North on August 10.

Nearly three weeks after the death of Jayson Colin, this 26-year-old Montreal North resident who was shot in a shooting on August 10, his family denounces the lack of follow-up from the various administrations. , as well as “a structural security problem” in the violence-ridden borough.

Throat tied with emotion, Jayson's mother , Ronide Casséus, opened up to the media the day after the funeral of her only son. We were a team, we always were a team, she said before bursting into tears.

Today, it's a great void that Jayson leaves, not only in my heart as a mom, but also in that of his friends, members of his family, added the one who was a community worker for about 15 in Montreal North.

For Ms. Casséus, her son's story is in a way also that of other young people, affected by the violence that rumbles in this poor borough of Montreal, a violence which knows, like other districts of the metropolis, a resurgence as sudden as bloody.

We lost Jayson, he will never come back, she let go. But our cry from the heart today is that we want answers. We want to know what we're going to do for the other Jaysons in this world. How are we going to help them, support them? We have no answer.

Alongside Ms. Casséus, Robertson Paulus, the victim's father-in-law, said he wondered about the subsidies granted to the various organizations working in particular to ensure a climate of peace in the borough.

< p class="e-p">I have been a street worker in Montreal North for 18 years. Just like Ronide, I saw these young people growing up; we had to do more [to help them] than we could afford. […] We fought so that the victims [of violence] received help, to protect them. And now we find ourselves victims, he said.

“There are no words to describe how we feel. »

— Robertson Paulus, father-in-law of Jayson Colin

Words are not lacking, however, to discuss the security problem in Montreal North. Mr. Paulus does not cut corners: In Montreal, when it comes to security, there is a structural problem.

What is going to happen? happen, in terms of security? Because if you look, after Jayson, it didn't stop, Casséus adds, referring to the acts of violence.

I can't believe it's 2022 and we're afraid to go out at 6 p.m. at night.

Together, Ms. Casséus and Mr. Paulus also denounce the radio silence of the authorities since the tragedy. We have received no help, no support, no solicitation from anyone, until now. No help from organizations, institutions… Nobody came to see how we lived it, lamented Ms. Casséus.

Mr. Paulus says that while many studies have been carried out on the issue of security in Montreal North over the years, their recommendations have not yet been applied in the field.

Young people are very angry, they don't feel listened to. They want to do justice to themselves. I don't know what we would do if another [was killed] for free, like that. We do not want revenge, defensive or violent behavior, continued Ms. Crasséus.

According to information gathered by the police, after the tragedy of August 10, four men, including M .Colin, were talking on the school grounds when two armed suspects opened fire in their direction before fleeing. The police found projectile impacts on parked automobiles and casings on the ground. In addition to Jayson, who died from his injuries, another person was hit by gunfire.

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