Nabilla dances on the tube of her ex Sofiane: unleashed, she makes the buzz

In 2012, Sofiane declared his wife to his sweetheart at the time Nabilla through a song. Years later, and while the exes are no longer in contact, the starlet filmed herself swaying on the tube …
Eight years have passed since the release of the song Dingue de toi, Nabi-Nabilla . The title is signed by the artist and reality TV candidate Sofiane , who wrote it for Nabilla , after falling under her spell in 2012 on the set ofAngels . After a year, their relationship ended but the hit is remembered. He even continues to animate certain evenings, including those of … Nabilla precisely!

& quot; The Dance of the Ducks & quot; : Death of JJ Lionel, the singer of the tube, at 72 years old
“The Dance of the Ducks”: Death of JJ Lionel, the singer of the tube, at 72 years old
And yes, while her husband Thomas recently laughed at the song and its performer , calling it ” Mongolian “, Milann’s mother has no trouble wiggling on the catchy melody. An astonishing video is currently circulating on social networks, on which Nabilla, unleashed, dances and sings at the top of her voice the words of Mad about you in the company of her new friend Léna Mahfouf , alias Léna Situations. The sequence did not fail to make Internet users react …

The song therefore always sticks to the skin of Sofiane, he who would have liked his career to take another turn. “It took me a while to accept the buzz that I had made at the time with Nabilla, the song etc … As an artist it’s true that it rather served me. It worked but as an artist it hurt me. I wasn’t just that, I sang before [he participated in Star Academy in 2004, with the promotion of Grégory Lemarchal , NDLR] . So I had something to prove “, he confided during an interview for Purepeople.

No regrets, however, for Neo’s dad (2 and a half years old) who confided ” completely assuming ” this period of his life. A period which even proved fruitful since he pocketed a sum of around 100,000 euros . ” It allowed me to put a little bit of butter in the spinach. I think that somewhere she [Nabilla, editor’s note] can say thank you too, even if she will never say it “, he concluded on our microphone on the subject.

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