Natalya Valevskaya divorced her husband-producer

Natalya Valevskaya divorced her husband-producer

Ukrainian singer Natalya Valevskaya announced a divorce from Vladimir Priglad. The couple has been together for 20 years, 18 of them married. The artist announced the decision to break off relations with her fans on June 3 on her Instagram page.

– In such difficult times for our country, I must inform you that Vladimir and I divorced, the star wrote.

Valevskaya assured the followers that she and Vladimir continue to communicate and support each other, it's just that the couple is no longer together.

– It's a pity. But you are beautiful, talented and strong! Everything will be fine! – Ekaterina Buzhinskaya supported her colleague.

In a week, Natalia Valevskaya will turn 41 years old. The singer has no children, despite the fact that in an interview she has repeatedly stated that she is ready for motherhood. In 2019, the artist underwent surgery “for the sake of her health and for the health of our future baby.”

Natalya Valevskaya divorced her husband-producer

Natalya Valevskaya and Vladimir Priglad. Photo:

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