Nathalie Marquay responsible for the departure of Jean-Pierre Pernaut from the JT? “They blame me”

Nathalie Marquay and Jean-Pierre Pernaut confided in the magazine “Gala”. The subject of the departure of the presenter of TF1 from the JT was of course mentioned. The opportunity to discover that Miss France 1987 has made enemies.
On December 18, 2020, TF1 should achieve even better audiences during the broadcast of the 1 p.m. news. That day, Jean-Pierre Pernaut will present his last show after having taken the helm for thirty-three years. A moment that promises to be rich in emotions for viewers who greatly appreciated the style of the 70-year-old presenter. Many were therefore angry with his wife Nathalie Marquay (53) for rejoicing in her decision to leave.

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A big page will soon turn for Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Before the Christmas holidays, he will present his last JT and according to Nathalie Marquay, her husband is ” very stressed “, even if he tells him the opposite. It was during confinement that the dad of Lou (18 years old) and Tom (17 years old) made the decision to ease off a bit, in particular because of his health concerns in recent years. He notably fought prostate cancer and was able to count on Miss France 1987 ( who fought against leukemia when she was 30 years old) to support him. “ When you marry an ‘old man’, well a man who is seventeen years older than you, you tend to protect him.Nathalie protects me, watches over me, overprotects me, maybe too, but that’s good. (…) She saved my life by telling me to go see a cardiologist “, confided the presenter soon replaced by Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.

Nathalie Marquay did not hide her joy at seeing Jean-Pierre Pernaut give way to the news, an enthusiasm that disturbed some viewers. ” There are many people who want me. On the street we often said myself. Me I assume to rejoice this decision , to be a little selfish not thinking only of his health and to find in family “, explained the pretty brunette.

However, she will not be able to benefit from her husband 100%. While he has agreed to quit the JT, he is not yet ready to retire. Among his projects , he will notably present an interactive program called Jean-Pierre et vous on LCI, every Saturday, from January 9, 2021.

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