NATO called Russia's losses in the war with Ukraine

NATO named Russia's losses in the war with Ukraine

Since the invasion of Ukraine began last February, more than 200,000 Russian soldiers and more than 1,800 officers have been killed or wounded. This was stated by the commander of the NATO Joint Forces in Europe, General Christopher Cavoli, reports Spiegel.

Cavoli spoke as a guest of honor at a traditional dinner at the Hamburg City Hall and said that «the scale of this war is incredible» . According to him, Russia has already lost more than 2,000 tanks and, on average, the Russian army fires more than 23,000 artillery shells per day.

Cavoli said that after the Russian attack on Ukraine, NATO must adjust to the new reality.

«If someone comes with a tank, you must have a tank too. However, one of the lessons of the Cold War is that the accuracy of — that's what matters. In addition, the production capacity of the defense industry is important. The war is won by the one who can produce faster», — he is sure.

At the same time, a NATO general emphasized the importance of civilian leadership.

«We have learned from this conflict that civilian leadership is absolutely necessary. It can mobilize the nation and inspire partners», — Cavoli added.

  • British intelligence reported that the Ukrainian defense of Bakhmut was under heavy pressure, two key bridges were destroyed.

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