NATO named Russia as the main threat in the new Strategic Concept until 2030

NATO named Russia as the main threat in the new Strategic Concept until 2030

NATO leaders approved the new Strategic Concept of the Alliance until 2030. In it, Russia is named the most significant threat to the security of the Alliance. This is stated in the press release of the Alliance.

The document, published on the NATO website, defines Russia as “the most serious and direct threat” to the security of allies. It also examines for the first time China and the challenges Beijing poses to the security, interests and values ​​of its allies. The document also states that climate change is “the defining issue of our time.”

The declaration of the Madrid Summit says that the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance will continue and increase political and practical support for their “close partner Ukraine”.

– Together with Ukraine, we have decided on an enhanced support package. This will expedite the delivery of non-lethal defense equipment, improve Ukraine's cyber defense and resilience, and support the modernization of its defense sector during the transition period to strengthen long-term interoperability. In the longer term, we will help Ukraine and support its efforts towards post-war reconstruction and reforms, the document says.

The declaration also says that Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine undermines international security and stability. Russia is deliberately exacerbating the food and energy crisis that has affected billions of people around the world.

– Russia must immediately stop this war and withdraw from Ukraine. Belarus must end its complicity in this war, all NATO leaders agreed.

In terms of climate, NATO countries have set a goal to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from political and military structures and facilities of the Alliance, while maintaining the operational, military and economic efficiency.

The strategic concept was approved at the NATO summit in Madrid on Wednesday. It is updated approximately every ten years and is the second most important NATO document. The document reaffirms the values ​​of the Alliance, provides a collective assessment of security challenges and guides the political and military activities of the Alliance. The previous version was adopted at the NATO summit in Lisbon in 2010.

US President Joe Biden at the NATO summit in Madrid announced a significant increase in the American presence in Europe due to the Russian threat.

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