NATO Secretary General visits Canada for three days

NATO Secretary General visits Canada for three days

Jens Stoltenberg will be in the country for a three-day visit.

Jens Stoltenberg, who heads the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), will land at Edmonton Airport early Wednesday evening, the prelude to a three-day visit to Canadian soil.

He will be greeted by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, as he exits the plane. The two men must notably discuss the state of the situation in Ukraine, six months to the day after the start of the Russian offensive.

The Prime Minister's Office assures that discussions on climate change are planned.

But it's above all the state of the Aerospace Defense Command of the United States. North America, NORAD, which will be at the heart of the discussions between the two men. Recall that in June, Canada promised to invest nearly five billion dollars over six years to modernize this defense system managed jointly with the United States.

They will travel Thursday to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, to visit one of the facilities of the North Warning System, the centerpiece of NORAD, which the Trudeau government has planned to replace with new radar detection systems, supposed to allow the country to be warned more quickly if missiles were fired in its direction.

On Friday, Justin Trudeau and Jens Stoltenberg are expected at Cold Lake Air Force Base, Alberta, where Canadian fighters are stationed to respond to an enemy incursion in the Arctic.

Jens Stoltenberg and Justin Trudeau had met during the NATO Secretary General's last visit to Canada in 2019. (Archives)

A bilateral meeting is planned afterwards to promote [the] common priorities of Canada and NATO, said Mr. Trudeau's office.

They will talk about strong climate action and Canada's continued commitment to NATO. They will also discuss the North Atlantic Defense Innovation Accelerator, which will put the best new technologies at the service of transatlantic security, according to a press release.

The NATO Secretary General last visited Canada in 2019.

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