NB government wants to overturn Dr. Ngola's lawsuit

NB government wants Dr. Ngola's lawsuit dropped

Dr. Jean-Robert Ngola, physician (left) and Blaine Higgs, Premier of New Brunswick (right).

The provincial government is asking for the annulment, or at least in part, of the lawsuit brought by Dr. Jean-Robert Ngola.

The province believes that Dr. Jean-Robert Ngola and his lawyers have failed to provide reasonable cause for this lawsuit.

The motion filed by the province's lawyers on June 28 stipulates abuse of the courts and outrageous, baseless and vexatious pleadings.

Dr. Ngola is represented by lawyers Christian Michaud of Moncton and Joël Étienne of Toronto.

We will respond in time and place before the Court by the mouth of our pen, said the latter by text messaging.

Lawyer Joël Étienne represents Dr. Ngola, with lawyer Christian Michaud.

Me Étienne assures that this response will focus, among other things, on two questions: Is the province defending itself against the facts? Did the Prime Minister present evidence under oath?

He says he has prepared drafts and that the whole thing could be ready in the coming weeks.

Lawyer Basile Chiasson, who specializes in New Brunswick legal rules and procedures, says that in filing this motion, the Province is proceeding aggressively.

Mr. Chiasson explained that if the Province obtains the dismissal of this lawsuit, it would be a rare exceptional cases.

This motion can be a poisoned gift for the province , even argues the lawyer for Bathurst. According to him, if the province's attempt fails as he believes it will, it will give weight to Dr. Ngola's camp.

Earlier this year, Dr. Jean-Robert Ngola filed a lawsuit against the government of New Brunswick, the RCMP and the company Meta, which owns Facebook.

According to the lawsuit, the doctor was the victim of systemic racism, abuse of power, negligence, defamation, malicious prosecution and a violation of his rights.

The lawsuit comes just under two years after being singled out as the source of an outbreak of COVID-19 in Restigouche.

In press conference on COVID-19 in the spring of 2020, Prime Minister Blaine Higgs claimed that a medical professional failed to self-isolate according to the rules.

Dr Ngola n was not named by the Prime Minister, but his name circulated on social media and he was the target of disgraceful comments, notably on Facebook.

He was later accused of breaching the state of emergency, but that charge was dropped in June 2021.

Dr Ngola then demanded an apology from the Prime Minister, who categorically refused to do so.

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