Nearly 300 occupiers liquidated in Mayorska area

About 300 occupiers were liquidated in the area of ​​Majorska

In the area Maiorsk, Donetsk region, about 300 Russian occupiers, who were preparing for an attack, were destroyed the day before. This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

«As a result of pinpoint strikes by units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, about 300 invaders who were preparing for the next attack»,& #8212; the report says.

The General Staff added that about 60 more lightly wounded invaders were delivered the next day to medical institutions in the city of Horlivka.

It is also reported that in the village In Chervonopopovka, Luhansk region, up to 20 enemy servicemen were destroyed, and about 30 invaders were injured of varying severity.

  • AFU soldiers destroyed the deputy chief of staff of the Wagner PMC.

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