Nevermind is reborn and restarts with the “Live Stream Concert”

Nevermind is reborn and restarts with the “Live Stream Concert”

From 24 April, the Nevermind of Naples, from its new headquarters, will kick off, for over a month, a rich program of live concerts in steraming.

After a period of bewilderment due to this virus that has “suspended” our lives, our passions and our work, I realized that it was not time to stop but to move forward, against events, and to face a bigger challenge. … a new headquarters – declares Cesare Gardini, mind and heart of Nevermind – A larger space, on which I have worked tirelessly for all these months, still waiting to open its doors to the public. But the wait has really lasted for too long and an idea had been in my mind for a long time, perhaps always and this is how the “live stream concert” format was born which seems to be the icing on the cake, the synthesis of my ambitions: the return to meticulous work in the studio, without abandoning the adrenaline of the live. I am a huge fan of the “tiny desk concert” format and I have always dreamed of doing something like this, but I have never been able to realize this project, because it needed a very important collaboration between the audio and video sector. The shooting techniques of the “tiny desk concert” format are truly fantastic, a perfect mix between concert and cinema, a technically very complex project. And only thanks to the technical collaboration with Fulvio Pierro, owner of “EFFEVI STUDIO SRL” this project is taking shape. The location of the “LIVE STREAM CONCERT” will be the new headquarters of nevermind “in via coroglio 128, I think it is the right space to host this format. With the help of FULVIO PIERRO” EFFEVI STUDIO SRL “we are putting on an audio set / video to be able to bring a concert in streaming, lasting 40 minutes, into the homes of all people. Access to streaming will be free. The bands have enthusiastically welcomed our project, and this makes us really proud! although we are still anxiously awaiting that we can soon return to live music, to what we knew 13 months ago … but we intend to carry on this project even when everything returns to normal: we really like the idea that our concerts can be followed anywhere in the world. in short, as they say “nothing happens by chance”: the pandemic has done us much, very badly, but at the same time it has given us the opportunity to focus on things that we would not have in the past got and time to develop.

below the program:

Sat 24 April Afroblue
Thu 29 April Marcello Giannini
Thu 06 May Beatrice Valente 4et
Sat 08 May Marci Francini
Thu 13 May Deep inside
Sat 15 May Fabrizio Fedele trio
Thursday 20 May Aldo Vigorito trio
Sat May 22 Leonardo DE Lorenzo 5et
Thursday May 27th Enzo Metalli
Sat 29 May CIccio Merolla


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