New street names proposed in Krivoy Rog: instead of Pushkin and Yesenin – Biden and Dudayev

New street names proposed in Krivoy Rog: Biden and Dudayev instead of Pushkin and Yesenin

All names associated with Russia and Belarus will disappear in Krivoy Rog. This was announced on Wednesday, June 29, by the head of the military administration of the city, Alexander Vilkul.

– There will be no “Moscow”, “Buryat” and other streets, squares, parks and squares associated with the state in Krivoy Rog -aggressor Russia and Belarus! There are 193 titles in total,” he wrote on Facebook in Russian.

Vilkul added that streets, squares and squares will appear in the city in honor of military units, heroes of Ukraine, prominent Ukrainian and foreign figures, Ukrainian cities and traditions.

According to the head of the military administration, the working group has completed preparations for renaming . It included the heads of the city executive committee and districts, representatives of the public, scientists and local historians. At the first stage, streets associated with Russian and Belarusian geographical names will be renamed.

From July 1 to July 30, residents of streets to be renamed can familiarize themselves with the list of proposed names. They can send their options to the district council. On August 15-31, the names will be discussed with the district executive committees. The district executive committees will send the selected names to the city council.

Thus, the working group proposed to rename Pushkin Street to Joseph Biden, Yesenin to Dzhokhar Dudayev, Vodopyanov to Boris Johnson, Lermontov to Pavel Fedosenko or Veliky Kobzar, Volgogradskaya to in Free Ichkeria.

Other proposed renamings:

Belgorodskaya – Volnovakhskaya

Belomorskaya – Javelinov

Bryanskaya – Avdeevskaya

Dagestanskaya – Foreign Volunteers

< p>Kabardian – Crimean Tatar

Kaluga – Kherson

Kamchatka – Sheikh Mansur

Perm – Heroes of the Defense of Kharkov

Pskov – Buchanskaya


Russian – King Danil

Udmurt – Engineers

Kuprin – 129th Territorial Defense Brigade

Novosibirsk – Chernobaevskaya

Lipetskaya – Bayraktarov

Taganskaya – Right Sector

April 20, Deputy Head of the Military Administration of Krivoy Rog Victoria Tretyak announced that the City Council would create a working group to rename topographical names associated with Russia. The task was set by Oleksandr Vilkul.

On June 21, the Kyiv Digital app ended voting on renaming city objects whose names are associated with Russia. On May 11, three streets and a district associated with the Russian Federation were renamed in Kharkiv.

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