next Cases of the 1st Department, Tarantino’s Nineties and Pelíškov’s tragicomedy – ČT24 – Czech Television

next Cases of the 1st Department, Tarantino’s Nineties and Pelíškov’s tragicomedy – ČT24 – Czech Television

You play in the series of TV comedies Mainly Health. You will appear in the episode Something to the Tooth. What role did screenwriter Marek Epstein write to you?

Stašová: Magical. My younger son tells me: Please shoot something like Pelíšky again. To have the nostalgia, the fun, but also the touching. I have a feeling that this episode would suit Pelíšky. It is a family comedy that has a tragicomedy in it.

So you play mom…

Stašová: Yes, a little pelíškov’s mother. And Mirek Hanuš plays my husband, he is also in uniform. My son-in-law is Jirka Langmajer and Anička Fialová is our daughter. And there is also the daughter of Martin Kavan, “postman Ondra”, and I have a feeling that one day she will be an excellent actress.

Mr. Director, Czech Television viewers like criminals. After six years, the Cases of the 1st Department are returning. How many parts will there be?

Dvořák: There will be another thirteen parts. The team, which the audience already knows from the first two rows, shifts in time and gets to the time when the police start operating in the field of social networks. Electronic crime will appear there, and it will be decided whether it is more important for the head of crime to have an internship or an MBA degree. It will be filmed civilly, just like the previous two series, and I believe this one will be just as successful.

Director Peter Bebjak shot the six-part miniseries Ninety. Is it also a criminal story?

Dvořák: It will be a little darker. It goes back to the 1990s and commemorates the crimes of the time. It is based on real events. On the one hand, it shows how a completely new police was formed after the Velvet Revolution, and on the other, how the criminals went wild and – as producer Reitler says – behaved like in Quentin Tarantino’s film.

Large and small viewers are certainly looking forward to the continuation of the fairy tale The Secret of the Old Bambita. What can you tell us?

Dvořák: We broadcast it for the first time in 2011 and since then we have been repeating it every Christmas and it has a huge audience. I would like the two to have a similar fate as, for example, the Angel of the Lord, when the number one was very successful with the spectators and the number two shot even higher. Bambitka will first appear in cinemas and then on the CT screen.

Director Jiří Strach is preparing a film with the working title Jiřina 90. Will it be purely a statement of Jiřina Bohdalová, or will other respondents also appear in it?

Dvořák: It will not be a pure statement or a normal documentary, because both protagonists – both Jiří Strach and Jiřina Bohdalová – have enormous energy in them. They love each other very much, they can hear each other and I believe that they can show not only the pleasant moments with a documentary, but they will also get somewhere where people who love each other can say unpleasant things. That something will be created that will surprise the audience even after all these years about Jiřina Bohdalová.

If you were a playwright, would you advise your mother something that should be said in the documentary?

Stašová: Her life is tragicomic. She has experienced a lot of negative things, but she is one of those who can get over it and give people joy. Thus, tragicomedy is its largest domain. That’s its strength, that life isn’t easy, but we have to live on, we have to move on – and it’s best with humor. That’s why people go after her, because we all have something painful in life, but the moment it’s taken with humor, it’s viable.

On May 17, Jiří Chlumský will start filming the series Spunts on the Road. Where will he take us this time?

Dvořák: Spunts on the Road is a family comedy series, a holiday of a three-generation family that no one wants to experience. I think that the audience will like it for two reasons: firstly, because it should be a well-written comedy, at the same time we will go through the whole Czech Republic and go to Slovakia, and then there is one exceptional role, Mirek Donutil, who plays the big beat and big beat sound engineer. bands, I’m really curious about that.

The winner of the Bake the Whole Country competition, Petra Burianová, will become the guide of the new show. Which one?

Dvořák: We came to the conclusion that last year we managed to bring a new entertainment format, which we bought under a BBC license. We thought it was good to follow it up, so we contacted the winner and we would go around the Czech and Moravian villages, look at different chronicles, ask witnesses and teach the audience how to bake traditional things, interesting and not completely standard.

What news has Czech Television prepared for children?

Dvořák: In addition to fairy tales, we continue in the evenings. This is already a tradition of Czech Television. We followed up on the successful cycle about mice Anička and Pepík and we are coming with the badger Chrujda. I hope he will be the same character as maxipes Fík or Rákosníček.


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