Nick Carter: – The baby was dark purple

Nick Carter: – The baby was dark purple

In April, Nick Carter (41) and his wife Lauren (37) parents for the third time when daughter Pearl saw the light of day.

The duo, som married in 2014, has from before son Odin Reign (5) and Freedom Datteren (1,5).

But at the same time as the good news was revealed, the “Backstreet Boys” star also said that the birth had not gone completely painlessly.

Baby happiness after pregnancy shock

– We are proud to announce that the baby is officially here. But as parents know all too well, things do not always go exactly according to plan. We went through some minor complications, but after the first night it looks a little better, he wrote on Twitter without elaborating on what it was all about.

“Looked like a smurf”

Now, just over a month later, the new mother opens up about the frightening event when her daughter was born.

– They said she had shortness of breath, and she looked like a smurf, the 37-year-old reveals to Us Weekly, and continues:

– She was blue. I remember seeing her and thinking, ‘Wow! That baby is dark purple. Blue. Wow, that’s weird. I think her lungs were a little underdeveloped, and then she had fluid in them. They were unable to pump on their own, she explains, according to the website.

Furthermore, Lauren says that the condition happened because the baby was taken by caesarean section and did not go through the birth canal. Thus, the fluid is not drained and squeezed out in the same way as in a natural birth, and such things can therefore happen, according to her.

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Little Pearl was connected to a machine so that her lungs could kickstart themselves and work without help.

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The former boy band singer reveals that his wife was in “complete shock” when the doctors told her that the daughter needed help to breathe.

– I saw our newborn baby being connected to these machines and she was very blue. They had all these capacitors, liquids and other different things in her. We constantly asked questions about what happened, he shares, adding that they had to stay in the hospital for a whole week.

– Thought it was a tumor

That something was wrong hinted to Carter the day before the birth became known. Then he posted a picture of himself on Instagram where he is sitting with his head in his hands at the hospital.

– Yes, I’m a believer. I ask God to give us strength to protect mother and child, he wrote.

Lost their unborn children

It is no wonder that the couple were afraid that something would happen to their baby. In the autumn of 2018, they lost their unborn daughter – three months into the pregnancy.

They sat back with a bottomless sorrow.

– God give us peace in this tough time. I was really looking forward to meeting her. I’m broken, Carter wrote Twitter that time.

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Lauren has previously also explained that she experienced a number of challenges during her pregnancy with her firstborn.

– In the beginning of the pregnancy I experienced several complications and we were not sure if it would work. I did not dare to attach myself to the baby until I had reached the second trimester, because I was not sure what would happen, she has stated, according to Contact Music.

Became a father after the family drama

Before Odin was born, she also lost a child. In 2015, she opened up about her first miscarriage.

– It went very hard on Nick. And it hurt to see him first be so happy about something and then be so crushed, she said at the time, according to Us Weekly.

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