Nikityuk invited Lazarev, who “rethought the war”, to look for Nazis in Kyiv

Nikityuk invited

TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk turned to Russian singer Sergei Lazarev, who published an anti-war post at the end of February, and then speaking out in support of the Russian war in Ukraine. In a new publication, the artist called the Ukrainians “Nazis” and stated that “the Armed Forces of Ukraine are hitting the living – schools, hospitals and residential buildings,” which angered the TV presenter. In stories, Lesya suggested that the performer come to Ukraine in person and find the Nazis, about whom he writes so stubbornly.

In his publication, Lazarev said that he “overestimated, rethought a lot” after talking with refugee Nastya and volunteers from the “DNR” and “LNR”. Nikityuk also noted that more than half a thousand refugees from Donetsk tell her something else.

– Sergey, but I have a man of 600 refugees from the Donetsk region who say something else! Maybe we can meet and discuss? Come to Kyiv, we will look for Nazis together! And there is a photo of Nastya? And contacts of this fund with Donbass? – the TV presenter wrote.

Lesya also posted a screenshot of the reaction to Lazarev's post from a resident of Mariupol, destroyed by Russian invaders.

– I can't read it. How is that possible. I am from Mariupol, and this is fear. Russia killed my city, my life. How can he write like that? – said one of the subscribers of the Ukrainian TV presenter.

Earlier, in an interview with KP in Ukraine, Katya Osadchaya noted that after three months of the war she concluded that silent artists ignored the Russian attack on Ukraine. The TV presenter said that Ukrainians should just forget and ignore these stars.

Nikityuk invited Lazarev, who 'rethought the war', to Kyiv to look for Nazis

The TV presenter urged her former colleague to come to Kyiv with her to look for the Nazis he writes about. Photo: screenshot

 Nikityuk invited

Photo: screenshot

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