Nikolay Tishchenko told Pritula to buy more bayraktars

Nikolay Tishchenko told Prytula to buy more bayraktars

Deputy head of the Servant of the People faction Nikolai Tishchenko reacted to the public initiative “People's bayraktar”. In his social networks, the politician noted that the record-breaking collection is an indicator of the unity and thirst for victory of the Ukrainian people.

Separately, Mykola Tishchenko thanked Sergiy Prytula, the Ukrainians and the Bayraktar company. He also advised Sergei to use the proceeds to buy more bayraktars, despite the gift from the Turkish side.

“Special thanks to Baykar Makina, which donated these 3 drones to our Armed Forces for free. Nevertheless, the collected money, as Sergei Prytula wrote, will go to our military. But still, I urge Serhiy Prytul, and I think the majority of Ukrainians will support me, to buy drones with this money. Let them be not three, but six, or even seven. It’s better to spend on something specific and effective,” said the people’s deputy.

At the same time, Nikolai Tishchenko recalled that monobank announced a fundraiser for the purchase of two Warmate strike unmanned aerial systems complete with 40 kamikaze drones .

“This project is produced together with the UNITED24 presidential platform. Within the framework of this project, 40 individual messages to the invaders will be played, which will be applied to kamikaze drones,” Tishchenko said.

Recall that earlier Nikolai Tishchenko addressed the Belarusian people, warning the Belarusians about the catastrophic consequences for them in the event attacks on the territory of Ukraine.

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