Nino Katamadze and Verka Serduchka gave a concert in the Kiev metro

Nino Katamadze and Verka Serduchka gave a concert in the Kiev metro

Georgian singer Nino Katamadze arrived in Ukraine with charity concerts. The first one took place on June 10 at the metro station “Independence Square” in Kyiv. The trains were not stopped, so the astonished people of Kiev got out of the cars and joined the concert. In addition to her hits, Katamadze performed the popular Ukrainian song Chornobrivtsi.

Verka Serdyuchka performed at the same concert. She performed the track “Get out of Ukraine, ugly Muscovite.” Serdyuchka said this phrase in one of her stand-ups in the 90s. The phrase, which became viral on TikTok with the outbreak of the war, was set to music by Jerry Heil.

Nino Katamadze is not the first time in Ukraine. In 2014 and 2015 she was a member of the jury of the Ukrainian vocal talent show “X-Factor”. In June 2019, Katamadze refused further concerts in Russia, calling Russia an occupier. In May, the all-Ukrainian tour of the singer was scheduled, which was postponed due to the war.

On May 8, a concert in the Kyiv subway was given by the cult Irish rock band U2. Then the Ukrainian group “Antitelya” performed with them on an impromptu stage.

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