North Korean leader proclaims 'resounding victory' over COVID-19 | Coronavirus

North Korea's leader proclaims “smashing victory” over COVID-19 | Coronavirus

Chairing a meeting with health personnel and scientists, Kim Jong-un congratulated himself on having won the war against “the malignant pandemic disease”.

The North- Korean Kim Jong-un proclaimed a “stunning victory” over COVID-19 on Wednesday, after almost two weeks with no officially recorded cases.

Chairing a meeting with health workers and scientists, Kim Jong-un welcomed the victory […] in the war against the malignant pandemic disease, according to the official KCNA news agency.

The victory won by our people is a historic event that once again showed the world the greatness of our state, the indomitable tenacity of our people and the beautiful national customs of which we are proud, has added the North Korean leader, quoted by the agency.

North Korea, one of the first countries in the world to close its borders in January 2020 after the virus emerged in neighboring China, has long boasted of its ability to ward off the virus. .

Pyongyang announced its first case of coronavirus on May 12, and Kim Jong-un has taken the fight against the epidemic into his own hands.

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Since July 29, Pyongyang has reported no new cases.

North Korea has recorded nearly 4.8 million infections since the end of April, with only 74 deaths, an official case fatality rate of 0.002%, according to KCNA.

Hospitals around the country are notoriously under-equipped, with few intensive care units and no coronavirus treatment or vaccine available, experts say.

Neighboring South Korea , which has an efficient health system and a high vaccination rate among its population, has a mortality rate of 0.12%, according to official figures.

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