North Ossetia is going to send the third battalion of “volunteers” to the war in Ukraine

North Ossetia is about to send the third battalion of

The third «volunteer battalion» to be sent to war in Ukraine. This was stated by the head of North Ossetia, Sergei Menyailo.

According to him, today the detachment is at the training ground. At the same time, Menyailo promised that he would personally testament to the «volunteers» to the combat mission area.

The so-called «volunteers» from North Ossetia, he claims, have been participating in hostilities in Ukraine for seven months. The Alania and Ossetia detachments have been created.

  • Earlier, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, called on the heads of Russian regions to carry out “self-mobilization” – to train and send to Ukraine at least a thousand volunteers from each subject of the Russian Federation.


  • The corresponding initiative was supported by a number of Russian governors, including the «chapter» annexed Crimea, as well as the governors of the Kursk, Voronezh and Magadan regions.

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