Norwegian General Staff: Russia has lost more than 180 thousand soldiers

Norwegian General Staff: Russia lost over 180,000 troops

In the war against Ukraine, the Russian occupation troops lost about 180,000 people. Eirik Kristoffersen, Chief of the Norwegian General Staff, told TV2 about this.

«Russian casualties are approaching 180,000 killed and wounded soldiers», he said.

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At the same time, the loss of the Ukrainian defenders is also estimated by the Norwegian commander as a six-figure figure: «Probably more than 100,000 killed and wounded». He also said that Russian aggression has claimed the lives of 30 thousand civilians.

Kristoffersen also said that Russia has the ability to produce more weapons, remove equipment from its warehouses and mobilize even more people. He stressed that Ukraine also needs tanks to go on the offensive and take back the occupied territories.

«If they are going to go on the offensive in winter, they need them quickly»,&# 8212; said the general.

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