Nova Scotia Massacre Inquiry: Report 5 Months Overdue | Portapique massacre: Nova Scotia in mourning

Nova Scotia Massacre Investigation: A Report 5 Months Overdue | Portapique Massacre: Nova Scotia in mourning

The final report expected before November will not finally see the light of day until spring 2023.

Commissioner Leanne Fitch (left), Chief Commissioner Michael MacDonald (center) and Commissioner Kim Stanton ( right) during the Mass Casualty Commission, June 1, 2022 in Truro, Nova Scotia

Officials from the public inquiry into the April 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia will release their final report later than expected.

The Mass Casualty Commission says Friday that it will take five more months to complete this work.

The report, previously scheduled for November 1 this year, is now due March 31, 2023.< /p>

The federal government and the Nova Scotia government authorized the delay, commission officials say.

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The 22 victims of April 18 and 19, 2020 in Nova Scotia. Front row: Gina Goulet, Dawn Gulenchyn, Jolene Oliver, Frank Gulenchyn, Sean McLeod and Alanna Jenkins. Second row: John Zahl, Lisa McCully, Joey Webber, Heidi Stevenson, Heather O'Brien and Jamie Blair. Third row: Kristen Beaton, Lillian Campbell, Joanne Thomas, Peter Bond, Tom Bagley and Greg Blair. Bottom row: Emily Tuck, Joy Bond, Corrie Ellison and Aaron Tuck.

This public inquiry has been going on for several months. Last May, it was reported that the Massive Losses Commission had cost $25.6 million between the announcement of its creation in October 2020 and March 31 of this year.

The third and final phase of this investigation is due to begin next week.

The exercise aims to investigate the circumstances that led to the killings that left 22 people dead on 18 and 19 April 2020 in Portapique and other Nova Scotia communities, as well as to understand why police forces took 13 hours to intercept the suspect, who continued to commit murders during this time.

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