Nova Scotia's first murderer is sent to restorative justice

A first murderer in Nova Scotia is sent to restorative justice

Nova Scotia Supreme Court justice sends murderer to restorative justice program for first time (archive).

A Nova Scotia judge has referred a convicted murderer to the restorative justice program for the first time in the province's history.

In a released decision On Tuesday, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Kevin Coady insisted the program will not affect the life sentence imposed on Brandon Jake Hollohan on March 21.

Brandon Jake Hollohan was convicted of the second degree murder of Deborah Irene Yorke, committed in January 2018.

Justice Coady pointed out that any evidence from the restorative justice process could be presented at potential parole hearings, but they will not determine the outcome of the hearing since the conditions related to the life sentence will continue to apply.

An upcoming hearing scheduled for September will determine when the killer will be eligible to apply for parole. The law provides that the minimum sentence of imprisonment lasts between 10 and 25 years.

To justify his decision to enroll the inmate in the restorative justice program, the judge said it would help Brandon Jake Hollohan in his rehabilitation process for his eventual return to society at the end of his detention.

According to the judge's decision, he now remains determine what role the loved ones of the victim will want to play in the process.

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