Nuclear: Iran considers European declaration “unconstructive”

Nucléaire&nbsp ;: Iran judges “not constructive” the European declaration

Iran's flag flies in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna.

Iran on Saturday deemed “unconstructive” the statement by London, Paris and Berlin, which expressed their “doubts” over Tehran's commitment to achieving a ” positive outcome” in negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal.

The deal, from which the United States withdrew in 2018 , is intended to limit the Iranian nuclear program, in exchange for the lifting of American sanctions.

It is surprising and regrettable that while diplomatic contacts and message exchanges continue between the negotiating parties, the three European countries are issuing such an unconstructive statement, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson said. Nasser Kanani.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani.

In a joint statement issued on Saturday, the French governments, German and British recall that at the beginning of August, after a year and a half of negotiations, the coordinator of the JCPOA (the 2015 agreement, editor's note) presented a set of final texts which were to allow Iran to fulfill again its obligations under the JCPOA and for the United States to revert to the agreement.

In this final package, the coordinator made additional changes that pushed us to the limits of our flexibility, they point out.

Unfortunately, the x27;Iran has decided not to seize this decisive diplomatic opportunity and is continuing to escalate its nuclear program far beyond what could be plausibly justified on civil grounds, regret London, Paris and Berlin.< /p>

Tehran had recently called once again for the termination of an investigation by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) into traces of enriched uranium found at three undeclared sites, which Agency boss Rafael Grossi refuses.

This latest request raises serious doubts about Iran's intentions and commitment to x27;a positive result regarding the JCPOA, argue the three countries.

According to them, Iran's position is not in line with its legally binding obligations and undermines prospects for the re-establishment of the JCPOA, concluded in 2015 with Tehran by the five permanent members of the Security Council of the United States. UN (United States, France, United Kingdom, China and Russia) plus Germany.

Iran must cooperate fully and immediately with Iran. ;IAEA, in good faith, they add.

Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Mariano Grossi , during a press conference on June 7, 2021 regarding the monitoring of Iran's nuclear program.

Given that Iran is not getting the deal on the table, we will discuss with our international partners how best to handle Iran's continued nuclear escalation and lack thereof. of cooperation with the IAEA, warn Paris, London and Berlin.

Iran's latest response in the ongoing negotiations is a step backwards, had already US Secretary of State Antony Blinken estimated Friday in Brussels.

Germany, France and Britain have taken the position that Israel wanted, the Iranian spokesman, whose country is the sworn enemy of the Jewish state, added on Saturday, hostile to the nuclear agreement.

If such an approach continues, they will also have to bear the responsibility for a failure of the negotiations, he warned.

Threats and sanctions do not x27; will not prevent the Iranian people from continuing er to defend his rights and preserve his interests, he added.

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