NYT: American instructors will train in Germany a battalion of fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine per month

NYT: American instructors will train a battalion of UAF fighters per month in Germany

This week, US President Joe Biden encouraged the scaling up of the Ukrainian military training program at the Grafenwöhr base in Germany. This is reported by The New York Times, citing two officials in Washington.

According to them, the decision will allow American instructors to update the program from the beginning of 2023 – more advanced combat tactics will be taught, in particular, maneuver coordination infantry with artillery support and will train monthly up to a battalion of fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – from 600 to 800 military personnel.

While this number fluctuates at the level of 300 fighters, the publication specified.

Since the beginning of the Great War in the US Department of Defense, about 3,100 Ukrainian soldiers, mostly in small groups, were trained in the use of specific weapons, such as various artillery systems (610 in the use of the HIMARS MLRS).

According to the NYT, the Ukrainian military command & #171; diverting too many troops from the front lines for a special weapons training school».

«But as winter slowed down the pace of fighting on many fronts, officials said that in the coming months will give a certain window (for training)», the journalists write.

According to the NYT, expanded training will largely be directed to the resumption of training that US special forces instructors and The US National Guard, along with colleagues from other NATO countries, provided for the Ukrainian troops until February 24 at the base of the center in Yavoriv. Over 27,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained there.

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