NYT: APU conducted a counteroffensive near Bakhmut

NYT: UAF conducted a counteroffensive near Bakhmut

Defenders of Ukraine over the weekend, they launched a counteroffensive near Bakhmut, during which fierce battles continued for more than seven months. This was reported by The New York Times on Monday.

According to the NYT, on Saturday, March 4, Ukrainian assault brigades went on the attack. Hundreds of servicemen — they carried out a ground attack and shelled the occupying positions with artillery.

According to the newspaper, before the Ukrainian defenders stepped up their offensive in Bakhmut, the Defense Forces pushed back Russian troops from the last main highway leading into the city. This allowed Ukraine to maintain a supply line and an escape route in case a decision was made to withdraw from Bakhmut.

Vladislav, commander of a self-propelled artillery battery located 6-8 km from the outskirts of Bakhmut, told reporters that Ukrainian fighters beat off 15 to 20 enemy attacks daily and fire 80 to 120 shells a day on average, but there is not enough artillery ammunition.

“The enemy sends 20 people to attack six to seven once a day. Imagine: twenty guys come, we kill them. Five minutes later, another 20 guys come, we kill them. In an hour, another 20. They don’t care about people,” said company commander Alexander, who took part in the assault on the positions of Wagner PMC militants south of Bakhmut.

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