NYT: Armed Forces of Ukraine have come close to liberating Kremennaya. This is the gate to the industrial centers of Donbass

NYT: Armed Forces of Ukraine approached the liberation of Kremennaya. This is the gateway to the industrial centers of Donbass

Ukrainian servicemen are approaching the liberation of the city of Kremennaya in the Luhansk region. The New York Times writes about this.

It is reported that on December 27 there were battles around Kremennaya, while Ukrainian troops approached the liberation of the city. In turn, the Russian occupiers are trying to protect one of the hardest-earned achievements in this war. After a series of retreats, the invaders strengthened their positions under Kremennaya defensive barriers.

The newspaper draws attention to the fact that taking control of Kremennaya and other settlements nearby will expand the foothold for Ukrainian troops in the region and give them control over the main roads, leading to Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, which are important industrial centers of Donbass.

  • On December 27, President Volodymyr Zelensky held a regular meeting of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander, during which they discussed the situation near the settlements of Bakhmut and Kremennaya.

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