NYT: Occupiers executed 6 people near Kherson in April

NYT: Occupants executed 6 people near Kherson in April

After the retreat of the Russian invaders from the right bank of the Dnieper in the village of Pravdino, Kherson region, a grave was discovered in which six, presumably, executed people were buried. The New York Times writes about this.

On Monday, November 28, a mass grave was exhumed in Pravdino, in which the remains of the bodies of six people were found with signs of extrajudicial executions. The men were shot at point-blank range, their hands were tied behind their backs and their eyes were covered with bandages. The bodies of two more people were also found nearby, including a young girl.

According to local residents, these six people were guards. One of the men was named Vladislav. He talked with a girl who was subjected to domestic violence by her stepfather. After that, according to local residents, the stepfather told the Russian occupiers that Vlad and his colleagues were allegedly spying on the military of the army of the aggressor country.

One of the local residents said that at the end of April there was an explosion in one of the houses. Under the rubble were the bodies of six guards. At the same time, the man noted that it was not the explosion that killed them, their hands were tied and their eyes were blindfolded. Also, next to them, according to him, lay the body of a girl who looked as if she had been strangled.

The village resident added that the Russian invaders did not allow him to bury the bodies for five weeks, after which they nevertheless gave their consent . During this time, the man recalls, stray dogs began to eat the bodies. The girl's family buried her separately.

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