NYT: Russian generals wanted to leave Kherson, but Putin forbade

NYT: Russian generals wanted to leave Kherson, but Putin forbade

< p> The Russian generals wanted to leave occupied Kherson, but the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin did not allow. This is reported by the New York Times, citing its sources in the US government.

The Russian command believes that the organized withdrawal of troops from Kherson will help save military equipment and the lives of soldiers in the event of a large-scale offensive by the armed forces of Ukraine in order to liberate the city . Kherson and the Russian group located in it are cut off from the main forces of the Russian army by the Dnieper, the bridge across which is damaged as a result of constant attacks by the Ukrainian army and is unsuitable for the transfer of equipment.

However, Putin did not allow the retreat from Kherson, as it would have looked a humiliating defeat for him. The newspaper writes that the decision not to leave hit the morale of the Russian troops stationed in the city. Kherson — the only regional center captured by the Russian army after the start of an open invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

According to American intelligence, Putin notified the commanders that he would be the one to make strategic decisions on the further course of military operations, which caused discontent in the highest command structure.

It is noted that the military of the Russian Federation was skeptical about the feasibility of the initial strategic plan for a lightning war and the rapid capture of Kyiv. They believed that this required much more soldiers and equipment. The decree on the beginning of the so-called partial mobilization of conscripts, which Putin announced on September 21, was issued on the recommendation of the Russian army command.

In an interview with the newspaper, the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, said that the strategic initiative had passed to Ukrainians, but they have «a long road ahead».

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