NYT: The US tried to prevent Ukraine from killing the chief of the Russian General Staff

NYT: US tried to prevent Ukraine from killing Russian Chief of Staff

The United States tried to prevent Ukraine from killing Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, during his visit to the war zone in Ukraine. This is stated in The New York Times investigation into Putin's war in Ukraine.

The publication writes that US officials learned that General Gerasimov planned a trip to the front line, but hid this information from the Ukrainians, fearing that the attempt on his life could lead to a war between the US and Russia.

However, the Ukrainian side found out about the trip anyway. After an internal debate, Washington took the emergency step of asking Ukraine to stop the attack.

«We told them not to. We said «Hey, this is too»», — said a senior US official.

The message arrived too late. The Ukrainian military told the Americans that they had already launched an attack on the general's position. Dozens of Russians died in the strike, officials said. However, Gerasimov was not among the dead. After that, Russian military leaders reduced their visits to the front.

On April 28, Ukrainian journalists reported from their sources that Gerasimov had arrived in Izyum to personally command the occupation forces of the Russian Federation.

Some Ukrainian figures and bloggers, including former Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the field headquarters of the command of the Russian troops near Izyum when Gerasimov was there. Allegedly, the chief of the Russian General Staff was seriously injured.

However, the sources of «Ukrainian Pravda» intelligence did not confirm this information. May 1 «UP» confirmed Gerasimov's departure from Belgorod from her sources in Ukrainian intelligence.

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