NYT: Ukraine has an advantage in artillery over the occupiers in the south

NYT: Ukraine has an advantage in artillery over the occupiers in the south

< p> Now Ukraine, thanks to Western supplies and its own drones, has an artillery advantage over the forces of the Russian Federation in the south. This is reported by The New York Times with reference to Ukrainian commanders and military analysts.

According to the publication, Ukraine now has an advantage both in firing range and in high-precision missiles and artillery shells, which are largely out of stock. enough of Russia.

Ukrainian soldiers are destroying millions of dollars worth of armored vehicles with low-cost domestic drones, as well as more advanced drones and other weapons provided by the United States and allies.

«The Russian military remains a formidable force with winged missiles, a sizable army, and millions of artillery shells, albeit inaccurate ones. However, one cannot fail to notice that the situation on the southern front is changing», — the article says.

It notes that Ukraine's growing superiority in artillery has made slow progress south towards Kherson possible.

The publication clarifies that if in the summer in the Donetsk region Russia fired about 10 artillery shells for each Ukrainian shell, now in the Kherson region, Ukrainian commanders say that the sides fire approximately the same number of shells, but Ukrainian strikes not only have a greater range, but are also more accurate thanks to satellite guidance of missiles and artillery shells provided by the West.

«We can get to them, but they cannot get to us», — Major Alexander, commander of an artillery battery in the direction of Kherson, explained.

According to him, the decrease in the intensity of shelling by the occupiers also indicates a lack of ammunition.

« There is an opinion that the Russian army is endless, but this is a myth… The intensity of the fire decreased threefold. It is real to fight them», — the major assured.

  • Hlan said that the occupiers were fleeing Kherson and Chernobaevka along with their equipment.

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