NYT: Ukrainian military changed tactics of using HIMARS

NYT: Ukrainian military changed tactics of using HIMARS

Ukrainian troops have changed the tactics of using HIMARS missile systems, the purpose of which is now the barracks, where the Russian occupiers are concentrated. The New York Times writes about this with reference to military analyst Michael Kofman.

Western military analysts have drawn attention to the likely new approach of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in using HIMARS. Whereas previously the Ukrainian military used missiles primarily to hit ammunition depots and supply lines, they have now begun targeting barracks and other Russian concentrations, director of Russian studies at C.N.A. in the US, Michael Kofman.

“The influx of mobilized to the front line made them vulnerable to strikes,” he said. Although the HIMARS shelling has reduced Russia's advantage in artillery, the latest attacks by these systems have less of an impact on the course of hostilities compared to when they were first used in the summer.

  • On the night of On January 1, the 19th vocational school in Makeyevka, where mobilized Russians were stationed, was destroyed. The media reported that about 600 invaders could have died as a result of the strike.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired six HIMARS MLRS shells at the base.

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