NYT: West appears to be already helping Ukraine prepare for spring counteroffensive

NYT: West already seems to be helping Ukraine prepare for spring counteroffensive

Recent statements and actions of the US and European countries on the supply of «Patriots» and tanks indicate that the West has already begun to prepare Ukraine to repel a possible new Russian offensive in the winter or spring and future counterattacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The New York Times writes about it.

Ukraine intends to continue its own military offensive either in the winter or after the «dirty» pores in spring. Russia is also telegraphing a spring offensive, said a senior Western intelligence official, and Ukraine “doesn't want them to take a breath” between now and the beginning of a new intensified round of hostilities.

The publication recalled that over the past few weeks, barriers to providing weapons to Ukraine have been falling: first, the United States agreed to transfer the & # 171; Patriot & # 187; air defense systems, then Germany promised to provide the & # 171; Patriots & # 187; missile battery, and France, Germany and the US for the first time promised to send armored fighting vehicles to the battlefield in Ukraine.

NYT says it now looks likely that Ukraine will receive modern tanks from partners, «especially after the Ukrainian military achieved unexpected success and withstood the grueling assaults of the Russians».

In particular, experts recall the long battles for Bakhmut and the nearby territory, which the Russians have been trying to capture for months, suffering heavy losses, but not achieving significant success. As well as the recent especially fierce battles in the nearby city of Soledar.

According to the publication, the willingness of Western politicians to provide assistance is due to the fact that there is not much left to prepare Ukraine for a possible new Russian offensive on the anniversary of the war or in the spring time.

NYT emphasizes that the West is well aware of this.

Defense expert at the European Council on Foreign Relations Camille Grand noted that Moscow appears to be mobilizing hundreds of thousands of new conscripts for its offensive.

This, she says, partly spurred the tank debate, &#171 ;to enable Ukrainian forces to make significant progress now».

Ukraine has repeatedly stated that armored vehicles will play a key role in the battles for control of cities and towns in the eastern regions bordering Russia, for which fierce battles are being waged. And Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny stated that in order to change the situation at the front, Ukraine needs about 300 Western tanks and about 600 Western armored fighting vehicles.

«It has been almost a year since the beginning of the war ago, the West resisted the provision of powerful weapons to Ukraine, fearing that this would lead to a direct conflict between NATO and Russia. But, seeing Ukraine's determination to resist, little prospect of peace talks in the near future, and a stalemate on the battlefield, NATO allies are yielding», — summarized in the NYT.

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