Occupiers inflict another missile attack on Ukraine: which cities are under attack

Occupants launch another missile attack on Ukraine: which cities are under attack

On Friday, December 16, Russia launched another missile attack on Ukraine. Enemy missiles were shot down in a number of regions of the country.

Kyiv region

The Kyiv city military administration reports on the work of air defense in the region. Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko said that explosions thundered in the Desnyansky district of the capital. Another explosion sounded in the Dneprovsky district of Kyiv. The mayor added that the explosion also thundered in the Goloseevsky district. The head of the KGVA Sergey Popko noted that the explosions in the Dneprovsky and Goloseevsky districts of Kyiv are the result of air defense.

In the Bucha area of ​​the Kyiv region, air defense forces shot down an enemy missile.

Klitschko also said that in the capital, metro traffic was stopped on all branches. Currently, the underground is used as a shelter. Due to damage to the energy infrastructure in all districts of the capital, there are interruptions in water supply.

Mayor of Brovary Igor Sapozhko said that fragments of an enemy rocket fell on the territory of the community, as a result of which residential private houses were damaged. Fortunately, none of their people were hurt.

Poltava region

The head of the Poltava OVA, Dmitry Lunin, said that enemy missiles were also being shot down in the Poltava region. At the same time, there is information that Poltava and the region were left without electricity. Heating has also been turned off in the region.

Kharkiv region

The head of the Kharkiv OVA, Oleg Sinegubov, noted that the occupiers inflicted 3 blows on the critical infrastructure of the Kharkiv region. According to preliminary information, there are no casualties, but Kharkiv has already been de-energized.

Krivoy Rog

The head of the military administration of Krivoy Rog, Alexander Vilkul, said that there are «arrivals» Russian missiles. One of the enemy missiles hit a residential building. There may be people under the rubble.

Zhytomyr region

Explosions are heard in the region — reported on the work of air defense.

Zaporozhye region

Secretary of the City Council Anatoly Kurtev reported that about 12 missile strikes were carried out in Zaporozhye.

How many missiles were there

According to the UP, as of 09:00, the total salvo of Russian missiles was 72.

Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko said that several energy infrastructure facilities in eastern and southern Ukraine were damaged as a result of missile strikes. In this regard, emergency power outages occur throughout the country.

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