Odessa Mayor Trukhanov worries about 'growth of hatred for everything Russian'

Odessa Mayor Trukhanov worries about 'growth of hatred towards everything Russian'

Odessa Mayor Gennady Trukhanov said that he was “concerned about the growth of hatred for everything Russian” and spoke out against renaming a street in the city in honor of the Russian poet and writer Alexander Pushkin. He said this in a comment to the American edition of The New York Times.

– No. I would not support this [renaming Pushkinskaya Street]. Odessa is the intercultural capital of Ukraine. I am worried about the growth of hatred towards everything Russian,” Trukhanov said.

Earlier, Gennady Trukhanov said that there should not be streets in the city whose names are not connected with the history of Odessa, in particular, Novomoskovsk, Borodino, Kursk, Chapaev , Voronezh.

On June 25, 1880, Italianskaya Street was renamed Pushkinskaya, because a Russian poet lived on it during a visit to Odessa. It houses the Pushkin Museum and a monument in his honor.

In April, the monument to Pushkin was dismantled in Ternopil, Uzhgorod and Mukachevo, and in May – in Nikolaev. In total, there were more than 60 monuments, busts, bas-reliefs erected in honor of Alexander Pushkin in Ukraine. Of these, 4 in Kyiv, 3 in Odessa, 5 in Donetsk.

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