Odessans and Trukhanov voted for the dismantling of the monument to Catherine II

Odessites and Trukhanov voted for the dismantling of the monument to Catherine II

The Odessa City Council has summed up the results of the vote on the fate of the monument to the Russian Empress Catherine II, which was held on the page of public discussions.

The majority of participants – 50.2% – were in favor of dismantling the monument from Catherine Square. 44.5% voted for its preservation in its place.

According to the mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, this issue will now be submitted to the next session of the city council.

&#171 ;Personally, I will vote «for» dismantling the monument and transferring it to the park of the imperial and Soviet past, about the idea of ​​u200bu200bcreating which I spoke a few months ago,” he said.

Trukhanov said that despite the war, they managed to comply legitimate democratic process. According to him, despite the attempts of provocateurs to destabilize the situation in the city, the Odessa community «remained faithful to democratic values».

«I am grateful to every Odessa citizen who took part in voting», Trukhanov added.

  • In September, a monument to Catherine II was painted in Odessa and compared with Putin.

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