OK “South”: Russia has not yet finished preparing for massive attacks from the Black Sea

OK South: Russia hasn't finished preparing for massive attacks from the Black Sea yet

The Russians have withdrawn to the Black Sea a ship group of two units, including a large landing ship, but without rocket launchers, which may indicate that preparations for massive attacks have not yet been completed. The head of the joint press center of the Security and Defense Forces & # 171; South & # 187; Natalya Gumenyuk.

«This is a demonstration of presence, strength, but so far there are no launch vehicles, since the weather is not conducive to — it got colder and a little stormy», — she explained.

The spokeswoman also noted that Russia is probably not launching new attacks, as it needs a «pause»: to analyze its existing forces and capacities and plan further actions, in particular, it is possible to change tactics.

«Due to the lack of missiles, they can use combined attacks when air-launched, sea-launched, and Shaheda missiles are used. They are unnerved by the quality of our air defense. And they are trying to get into critical infrastructure facilities. Their tactics of depriving us of the blessings of civilization remains in their plans», — Gumenyuk added.

  • ISW has calculated how many more Iranian drones Russia is using.

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