Olya Polyakova admitted how old she really is and why she hid her real age

Olya Polyakova admitted how old she really is and why she hid her real age

Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova for the first time publicly discussed her real age and explained from what considerations previously concealed it. The coming-out took place in the new episode of the Adult Girls program, TSN reports on June 3.

Polyakova touched on this topic in a dialogue with her co-host – Masha Efrosinina, who talked about the fact that each of them, “adult girls”, achieved something in their years. Efrosinina clarified to herself – “at her 42”, and here Polyakova admitted that she was 43 years old, and not 38 as is commonly believed.

So, she admitted that she was actually 43 years old, and not 38, as the media has been saying up to this point. She said this when Efrosinina said that finally each of them achieved something in their Masha – 42 years old, and here Olya added that she was 43.

– I never talked about my age, but now I do. I hid my age. It seemed to me important, it seemed to me that I look like this and no one gives me my age, why should I call it, – said the singer.

The deepest reason, according to Polyakova, is not that she I wanted to be perceived as younger. The singer was burdened that in her 30s (when the decision was made to “knock off” five years) she did not achieve success, and her frivolous songs did not correspond to her real age.

– I was nobody, although for 15 years I worked like a damned horse. Only my relatives listened to my songs. At 30, I had a huge birthday that the media finally came to. And they asked me: “How old are you?”, And then it seemed to me that at the age of 30 it was somehow embarrassing to be an aspiring star and sing simple songs, and therefore I said that I was 25. And since then I was 25 and all the media wrote me five years younger, Polyakova explained.

When the real date of her birth appeared on Wikipedia the year before last, the Superblonde panicked:

– I howled like someone died. I thought it was so shameful. It still piled up here that I lied for so long, – Polyakova shared.

But when the war began, all these complexes and conventions faded into the background, Olya Polyakova admits. In her opinion, the numbers in the passport are nothing compared to the destroyed quarries and lost lives.

Earlier, Olya Polyakova and Masha Yefrosinina supported Lesya Nikityuk's flash mob for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And at her concert as part of a charity tour of the United States in support of Ukraine, Polyakova sang Ukrainian songs and showed Zelensky's appeal.

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