On her birthday Alyona Alyona asked for a special gift

On her birthday, Alyona Alyona asked for a special gift

Ukrainian rapper Alyona Alyona celebrates her 31st birthday. On her holiday, the artist asked her friends not to give her personal gifts, but to contribute to volunteers in Baryshevka. The singer wrote about this on her Facebook page.

– Today is my birthday. I am turning 31 years old. I will not be different from all the birthday people who met their DR in the war. My only wish is that we win this war and drive the invaders out of our beautiful land. I don't ask for gifts for me personally. And everyone who wants to congratulate me, I ask you to donate to the volunteer headquarters in Baryshivka,” the artist wrote.

She added that, despite the fact that the Kiev region has already left the occupation, the volunteer headquarters continues its work and helps different regions of Ukraine and directions at the front.

– A lot of military people are now going through the Baryshevsky draft office and need different ammunition. And the girls sitting in the sewing shop sew plate carriers, armor, first-aid kits every day, without stopping. If you have a connection with volunteer organizations abroad, then you can write to Katya Berezko and find out the urgent needs of the volunteer headquarters and help her. It will be the best gift for my birthday,” added Alyona Alyona.

She also published the details of the volunteer headquarters, where you can contribute if you wish:

Bank – 5168745015721589
paypal — Flagkiev@gmail.com

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