Ontario woman drowns live on Facebook

An Ontarian is drowning live on Facebook

The victim, Hellen Wendy, was 24 years old.

Relatives of Hellen Wendy, who drowned in a motel pool last week, have launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the repatriation of her remains to Kenya.

The 24-year-old worked as an orderly at a long-term care facility in Owen Sound.

After her morning shift last Thursday, she decided to go swimming around 2 p.m. in the pool at the motel where she was staying.

She then filmed herself live on Facebook.

About 10 minutes later, the video shows her screaming for help, unable to swim in the deep end of the pool. No one else was there to rescue her.

It was not until around 5 p.m. that another motel guest found the victim and stopped the live stream.

Alfonce Nyamwaya, a close friend of the victim, says he was “traumatized” by the video.

“I can't express what I feel, because it's too difficult. All I can say is that we have lost a very kind, hardworking and passionate woman.

—Alfonce Nyamwaya, friend of the victim

The Ontario Provincial Police say they have requested that the video be removed from social media.

Hellen Wendy had arrived in Canada in 2019. She then enrolled in college to become a beneficiary attendant. In addition to her work as an attendant, she had gone back to school to be a nurse.

She really wanted to serve and help people, says her brother Enock Nyabuto. She was a model for us, adds the latter, who also became a beneficiary attendant.

Her family launched a campaign on the GoFundMe website to pay for the repatriation of the body in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

The victim was not a good swimmer, admit his relatives.

The Lifesaving Society recommends that Canadians never swim alone. Even very good swimmers should never swim alone, because the unexpected can happen, underlines the organization's spokesperson, Barbara Byers.

She also recommends that inexperienced swimmers always wear a life jacket.

With information from CBC

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