Opposition Platform for Life becomes the 11th pro-Russian party banned in Ukraine

OPFJ became the 11th pro-Russian party banned in Ukraine

Opposition Platform – For Life became the 11th pro-Russian party banned by Ukrainian courts. This was reported on Monday by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

– The court banned the activities of the political party “Opposition Platform – For Life”. The corresponding claim of the Ministry of Justice was satisfied by the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal, the department reported.

Property, money and other assets of the party will be transferred to the ownership of the state. This applies to regional, city and district organizations of the HLE, as well as primary organizations and other structural entities.

After Russia's attack on Ukraine, the courts of first instance banned 11 pro-Russian political parties:

HLE;< /p>

“Opposition Bloc”;




“Vladimir Saldo Bloc”;

Justice and Development Party;

“Socialist Party of Ukraine”;

“Left Opposition”;

“Union of Left Forces”;

“Party of Sharia”.

Deputy Minister of Justice for European Integration Valeria Kolomiets wrote on her Facebook page that “this is not the end yet.”

Despite the fact that several deputies from the Opposition Platform for Life became collaborators in the temporarily occupied territories, “ The Platform for Life and Peace” (the new name of the political force) declared “illegal” and “politically motivated persecution”. The statement says that the court's decision is based on “unfounded” accusations. The political force noted that they condemn the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

On March 20, the National Security and Defense Council suspended the activities of several parties, in particular, the Opposition Platform for Life. On April 14, the Verkhovna Rada announced the suspension of the activities of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction. On April 21, the Opposition Platform for Life and Peace faction turned into a parliamentary group “Platform for Life and Peace”. It was headed by the former head of the Opposition Platform for Life faction Yuriy Boyko.

On May 14, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a bill that provides for a ban on pro-Russian parties.

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