Organizers and elected officials urge caution at festivals

Organizers and  We invite you to be careful during festivals

Organizers of public activities and elected officials in Eastern Quebec call for vigilance so that festivals take place safely (archives).

While the festival period is in full swing, organizers of public activities and elected officials from Eastern Quebec are calling for vigilance so that these festivities, back after two years of pandemic, take place. safely for all.

Allegations about potential poisonings that allegedly occurred at the Festi-Plage in Cap-d'Espoir have been circulating on social media over the past last few days.

This situation worries some elected officials, in particular the deputy for Gaspé, Méganne Perry Mélançon, who issued a call for caution on her Facebook page.

“I am very worried as a woman and as a county representative. I could not do nothing about these stories that we hear and which are more and more persistent. »

— Méganne Perry Mélançon, PQ MNA for Gaspé

Méganne Perry Mélançon s' concerned about security at festivals (archives).

There are a lot of activities currently taking place this summer and we also know about the phenomenon of drugs or GHB, which seems to be making a comeback in the region. So, for me, it has to be taken very seriously, she maintains.

The MP asks that the authorities concerned provide an update on this subject. We need to be made aware that this drug is being used, says Ms. Perry Mélançon.

These allegations are also taken seriously by the organizers of the Festi-Plage who, in an official statement, invite anyone who may have been a victim or witness to incidents to contact the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

For its part, the SQ confirms that its agents are working to verify the information received about this festival.

Other festival organizers in the East- du-Québec are closely monitoring the situation.

It sure is worrying. I think it can be something that can negatively affect the realization of events in the short term, because people want to go celebrate, they want safe sites, indicates the president of the Festival country de Grande -Valley, Allen Gleeton.

It sure isn't something that's fun. It can happen in a bar, in a restaurant, and also it can happen in a festival, recognizes the general manager of the Grandes Fêtes Telus, Sébastien Noel.

The director of the Great Telus Holidays, Sébastien Noël, believes that the safety of festival-goers is the priority (archives).

They both remind us that security remains the key and that bag searches during public activities are essential.

Health and social services organizations in Eastern Quebec have their eye on a new phenomenon that has emerged on social networks: the puncture challenge.

This act, which could lead to criminal charges, involves using a syringe to inject a substance into someone without their knowledge.

This is worrying, because we are no longer just raising awareness about “keep your glasses of alcohol with you, hide your glasses of alcohol and watch your glasses”. There, it's really a threat with a weapon, because a syringe is a weapon, insists the social worker for CALACS La Bôme in Gaspésie, Christelle Leblanc Parker.

The phenomenon of the “prick challenge” goes even further than the traditional GHB deposited in a glass without the knowledge of a person (archives).

It is really a problem that must have a lot of people doing shows scratching their heads, because it's something that's new, that wasn't on the spectrum at all, and that makes it even more difficult to organize these parties, adds the director of En Tout C.A.S. in the RCM of Rimouski-Neigette, Luc Jobin.

Although nothing yet indicates that this phenomenon is officially occurring on the territory, the watchword remains security in order to limit its repercussions.

“The sting can have a phenomenal impact not only on the person being stung but also on the person perpetrating the act. »

— Christelle Leblanc Parker, social worker for CALACS La Bôme

A person charged with such an act would be charged with assault with a weapon in addition to drug possession, she said.

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">CALACS La Bôme in Gaspésie relies on awareness (archives).

Mrs Leblanc Parker reminds us that it is important to Surround yourself and stay cautious at all times.

Stay together, don't go out alone. If you go to a festival, stick with people you trust. Try to have one person in the group who will not consume or who will consume less than the others and who will be able to stay on the lookout, she says.

CALACS La Bôme in Gaspésie will also receive $10,000 from MP Méganne Perry Mélançon to implement various awareness measures to improve everyone's safety.

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