Oryx: Russia lost up to half of its tank fleet in the war

Oryx: Russia lost up to half of its tank fleet in the war

< p> Since the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Federation has lost up to half of its tank fleet. This is reported by CNN with reference to Oryx military analyst Yakub Yanovsky.

According to the Oryx monitoring group, Russia lost 1,688 tanks in Ukraine: 1,000 were destroyed, 544 were captured by Ukrainian defenders, 79 were damaged, 65 were abandoned military of the Russian Federation. Yanovsky draws attention to the fact that these statistics include only losses that the monitoring group was able to confirm, while the real number can reach up to 2 thousand tanks.

The analyst added that before the start of the war, Moscow had about 4 thousand tanks in reserve. However, many of them survived only «on paper». Thus, even assuming that all of them can be repaired, the Russian Federation still lost about 30% of its pre-war tank forces.

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