Out of 570, 41 survived: A battalion of mobilized Russians was destroyed near Makiivka

Out of 570, 41 survived: A battalion of mobilized Russians was destroyed near Makiivka

< p class="news-text__announce">From the battalion of mobilized residents of the Voronezh region, whom the command threw to the front line without preparation, 29 people survived, 12 more were wounded, the rest were eliminated. This was told by one of the survivors Alexei Agafon in the Russian edition of «Layout«.

According to him, the battalion commander promised that the military would be brought to the Svatovo region, 15 km from the front line. Instead, they were thrown into the line of confrontation and ordered to dig trenches and hold the line of defense.

«We were thrown into landings, they told us to dig in, we had three shovels per battalion, there was no provision at all. We dug in as best we could, and in the morning shelling began: artillery, «Grady», mortars, copters, we were simply shot. When it all started, the officers immediately ran away. In between shelling, we tried to dig in, but the copters immediately spotted us and simply shot us. Of the 570 people, 29 survived, another 12 were injured, the rest — that's all»,” Agafonov said.

He added that at least one more mobilized battalion had previously been defeated in the same positions.

«On TV they show that everything is beautiful, but in fact here in the Lugansk region it is the mobilized who are thrown to the front, and when we departed from there, without seeing the officers, we were already walking back, we saw that only contract soldiers and volunteers, and mobilized ones on the front end,” Agafonov specified.

According to him, mobilized people from all over Russia are being brought to the Svatovo region to close the gaps in the defense. In Svatovo, where the survivors of Agafonov's battalion retreated after the shelling, «go groups of 2 to 5 people» from other broken battalions. He stated that the Ukrainians cleared the entire territory where the mobilized fought.

About hundreds of dead «Layout» told the wife of another mobilized — Gold. She said, referring to her husband, that «the dead, of course, more than half». Information «Layout» also confirmed the wife of another surviving conscript — Lyudmila Chernykh.

«He called me in the morning from someone else's number and told me what happened, that they were left to dig the defense line, they were covered by mortar fire and they somehow got from Krasnodon to Svatovo, where they are now hiding. They are now afraid to go somewhere, they are even afraid to go out to checkpoints. The leadership left them, and they don’t know what to do, they just ask for help», the woman said.

On Saturday, relatives of several mobilized who came under fire staged a meeting near the building of the Voronezh prosecutor’s office, demanding to tell them the truth about the fate of their loved ones.

«On the phone we are told that our sons are alive, healthy and even doing their military duty. Who the hell are alive and well when they were all killed there? & # 187; Oksana Kholodova, the mother of serviceman Andrey Kholodov, said.

The wife of another mobilized, Anna, told Nestka» that the surviving mobilized asked to be allowed to go home.


«They are being bombed there. There is no boss, there is no one there… They were abandoned like kittens, without preparation, without anything. And my husband and I have a daughter, she is a year and a half», — Anna said.

In addition, those who gathered near the prosecutor's office in Voronezh recorded a video message to the governor asking for help.

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