Over 700 pages of 'classified' documents recovered from Trump's residence

Over 700 pages of “classified” documents recovered from Trump’s residence

Donald Trump is the subject of multiple investigations for various malpractices, including electoral and financial.

The US government records agency discovered more than 700 pages of “classified” documents at Donald Trump's Florida residence, in addition to documents recovered this month by the FBI, according to a letter sent to the lawyer for the former president.

The national archives service had recovered these documents, some of which were classified defense secrets, in January.

A letter sent in May by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to Donald Trump's lawyer was made public on Monday. NARA has confirmed its authenticity.

“More than 100 "classified'' containing more than 700 pages are in the recovered archives, some of which belong to the Special Access Program [SAP].

— Excerpt from letter from Donald Trump's lawyer

SAP is a program to protect and restrict access to information deemed to be extremely sensitive.

Although Donald Trump returned 15 boxes containing documents to the National records, the US Department of Justice suspected that the former president had other documents at his home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

The FBI conducted a search earlier this month in which 20 additional boxes of documents, some marked classified, were seized.

The former president demanded on Monday in federal court to temporarily restrain the FBI from analyzing the documents seized from his home until an expert is appointed to oversee the proceedings.

Donald Trump is the subject of a federal investigation to determine if he illegally took documents at the end of his mandate in January 2021.

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