Overwhelming heat: police visit Boisbriand seniors' residence

Overwhelming heat: police visit a Boisbriand seniors' residence

A view of the L'Orée du Faubourg seniors' residence

The air conditioning has been faulty for several weeks at the L'Orée du Faubourg residence in Boisbriand. So much so that police officers from the MRC Thérèse-De Blainville met there on Monday about thirty seniors, following a complaint from a family.

A team of four community police officers and a psychosocial worker toured dozens of apartments without air conditioning to ensure that none of these elderly people were neglected.

A report received over the weekend suggested that the safety of some seniors may be compromised due to the oppressive heat.

Our team met with 32 residents at the location mentioned to create a bond with them and check if everything was ok, as there was no air conditioning, explains Martin Charron, communications and operational support inspector. at the Régie intermunicipale de police Thérèse-De Blainville.

It seems that things were going well […] At the time when I speak to you, there is no reason to open a police investigation and we have given information to the CISSS des Laurentides, specifies Mr. Charron.

The building, built less than five years ago, houses approximately 225 seniors, including about forty in intermediate resources. Most are over 75 years old.

Contacted by Radio-Canada, one of the owners of the private residence for seniors, Kathy Leblanc, confirmed that air conditioning systems are lacking for several weeks.

We had mechanical breakdowns, two months ago. And with COVID, there are parts issues, says Ms. Leblanc.

We received the monitor for one of our machines, but it is very difficult […] We had hoped that the units would work again after May, she adds.

It must be said that the Montreal region recorded, in addition to last weekend, an episode of heat lasting a few days in May.

This is the beginning summer, that's why we make the decision to buy portable devices, says the co-owner of L'Orée du Faubourg. Last week, there were 42 units that were not air-conditioned, and now we're down to 32.

The latter specifies that the residence has a swimming pool for cooling off and an air-conditioned community room.

Last weekend, Brian Naud learned that the heat in the his mother's apartment was untenable. It was 39 degrees in his apartment, he said. We picked her up.

Her 86-year-old mother has been living at the L'Orée du Faubourg residence since last year.

Reached by Radio-Canada on Monday morning, Mr. Naud was himself finishing the installation of a mobile device purchased in the morning.

As the windows are fixed , I know I may not have the right, but I drilled the bottom of the French window for the hot air pipe, he explains.

Mr. Naud complained about the situation to the police and the CISSS des Laurentides. At the CISSS des Laurentides, a spokesperson indicates that we are in regular communication with the owner and are monitoring the situation closely.

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