Palermo kills her husband with poison to be with her lover. Investigators: “Cold and determined woman”

Palermo kills her husband with poison to be with her lover. Investigators: “Cold and determined woman”

Palermo kills her husband with poison to be with her lover. Investigators: “Cold and determined woman”

PALERMO. To betray Loredana Graziano, the 36-year-old wife who poisoned her husband Sebastiano Rosella Musico with a dose of cyanide in order to be free to be with her lover, it was the latter who told the carabinieri of Termini Imerese in Palermo about the confidences received by the woman in moments of intimacy. The statements of the former lover, the results of the autopsy and the technical and laboratory investigations led today to the arrest of the woman for premeditated murder aggravated by the use of poison.

After being left by Loredana Graziano and being denounced by the woman for stalking, the now-become-ex lover reported that the woman had confided to him that she had killed her husband with poison. A story put in black and white at the end of January 2019 full of details that convinced the investigators to open a file on the death of Musico with the hypothesis of a murder crime.

After more than a year of investigations, the investigating judge of the Termini Imerese court issued the custody order requested by the prosecutor led by Ambrogio Cartosio. If the woman hadn’t let that “I poisoned my husband” escape with her lover, today the death of the forty-year-old pizza chef would still be a death from natural causes. And even if, after killing her husband Loredana Graziano, she did not end the relationship with her lover in a bad way, going so far as to report him and have him arrested for stalking, today Sebastiano would continue to have died of a heart attack.

“The determination and coldness of this woman struck us very much – comments General Arturo Guarino, provincial commander of the Palermo Carabinieri – First the toxic drug in the food for weeks, then the poison confirm the complex personality of the arrested person who apparently she could not bear the presence of men in her life, to the point of denouncing her lover for stalking ». Instead, in December 2019 the carabinieri of the Termini Imerese station arrested the lover for persecutory acts after the woman was reported. During one of the interrogations the carabinieri led by Captain Federico Minicucci had the feeling that the man was hiding something, they convinced him to confide in him and after almost a year the truth about Sebastiano Rosella Musico’s death arrived on the desk of the prosecutor Ambrogio Cartosio. “We have verified every word of the former lover’s statements for over a year, with technical investigations and legal medical reports ordered by the judicial authority – says captain Federico Minicucci – Only after having obtained all the evidence is the precautionary measure taken”. A story that convinced the investigators to exhume the body of Loredana’s husband to carry out an autopsy. The toxicology results quickly showed that the death had occurred from poisoning. First with doses of an anticoagulant drug that the woman put in her husband’s food for weeks, then with a single dose of cyanide that killed the pizza maker in a few minutes.

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