Panin turned to Russian actors who hush up the war in Ukraine: How do you live with this?

Panin turned to Russian actors who hush up the war in Ukraine: How do you live with this?

Russian actor Alexei Panin criticized his colleagues who are silent about the war in Ukraine unleashed by Russia. He published the corresponding appeal in his Telegram channel.

– Kyiv was bombed two days ago. Yesterday there was a tragedy in Kremenchug. My monologue will now go into the void, but it is impossible to remain silent on this matter. Now I'm talking about actors – where are you? Do you think that your vote will not change anything? How do you live with it? How do you wake up, look in the mirror?, asked Panin.

In his address, he mentioned the actress Lydia Velezheva, who is from Kyiv, as well as famous dramatic actresses and actors – Andrey Fedortsov, Alexei Nilov, Irina Kupchenko and others.

– Lida Velezheva, you always yelled that you are from Kiev, that Ukrainian songs are the most beautiful? Where are you? Polina Kutepova…Where are the Petersburgers? Andrei Fedortsov, Alexei Nilov… I understand that Mikhail Boyarsky is a dead man… But you guys, how do you live with this? Your country is killing people and you are silent? Irina Petrovna Kupchenko – you are also from Kiev … I understand, when your husband Lanovoy was alive, you probably couldn’t open your mouth and say something … Irina Petrovna, I don’t understand you, – said the actor.

< p>Later, Panin recorded another appeal, in which he stated that after the video was published, his main and backup pages on Instagram were blocked.

– We started my backup page on Instagram. I posted a video about the fact that Kremenchug and Kyiv were bombed. We are waiting for the unlocking of my main page. And, right now, I get a notification that my backup page was also blocked. This is some kind of Russian bot farm that fucks up so that all people who tell the truth do not have the right to reach people, – he said.

Aleksey Panin is a famous Russian theater and film actor. He currently lives in Spain. Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the artist has openly opposed Moscow's policies and participated in a rally against the war. Panin also apologized to Ukrainians for supporting the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

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