Paramedic “Taira” about being in Russian captivity: Conditions resemble a concentration camp


Ukrainian paramedic and volunteer Yulia Paevskaya, known by the call sign “Taira”, told on the conditions of detention in Russian captivity. According to her, our captured citizens are with the Russians as in a concentration camp. She wrote about this on Facebook.

– We are not given any programs, we have no information about the family, medical assistance is not available. The conditions of detention are reminiscent of a concentration camp, and I would not be very surprised to find myself once in a gas wagon. And I'm not kidding, unfortunately. And this is only a small percentage of what is happening in the stone bags behind the collision line,” said Paevskaya.

According to the volunteer, after being held captive by the Russians, her weight is 50 kg. Now she is under the supervision of doctors. Taira also called for the development of an algorithm for the release of Ukrainian servicemen.

-It is necessary to ensure that all prisoners are protected by an international convention on human rights, because when we are there, we are completely powerless as slaves. This topic is painful and acute. All prisoners must be released. It is necessary to develop a control system and an exchange algorithm,” she stressed.

We are talking about the well-known Ukrainian volunteer and paramedic Yulia Paevskaya, who was in Mariupol at the beginning of the Russian invasion, rescuing civilians and soldiers wounded during shelling by the Russians. On March 16, it became known that Yulia was captured by the military of the Russian Federation. On June 17, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the release of Taira from Russian captivity.

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