Partisans told how they fought in Kherson with the Russian authorities | A PHOTO

Partisans told how they fought Russian authorities in Kherson | PHOTO

Several members of the Ukrainian underground in Kherson told how they became partisans and fought against the authorities of the Russian Federation. This is reported by The Washington Post.

This is one of the rare cases when some of the heroes of the publication did not communicate anonymously with journalists: without naming their names, the publication shows their faces.

According to one of Igor's newspaper interlocutors, he did not even know the recruiter by name. He only said that he served in the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces and asked if Igor wanted to help fight the Russians.

“Sign me up,” he replied.

Partisans told how they fought in Kherson with the Russian authorities | PHOTO

The coordinator with the call sign “Smoke” asked Igor to give the geolocation of the location of the Russian military and their weapons depots, to hide caches of weapons and explosives. “Smoke” also warned that Igor should be ready to take part in street battles if they were fought during the liberation of Kherson.

In the summer, Igor received several tasks to hide weapons caches and was caught by the Russian military at the end of August. He spent 11 days in a detention center where, according to The Washington Post, prisoners were tortured.

The man was released on the condition that he would report to the Russian military about his contacts with the Ukrainian special services. However, it is unlikely that the Russians could learn something valuable in this way: Igor and his coordinator had a secret code. The warning could have been “ok” instead of “ok.” =”Partisans told how they fought in Kherson with the Russian authorities | PHOTO” />

In September, according to Igor, he filmed several trucks of the Russian military, which were parked in a parking lot at the exit from the city. The man pretended to be talking on the phone, putting it to his ear, while the camera recorded everything that happened. A couple of days later, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an artillery strike at this place.

Igor first met “Smoke” after the withdrawal of the Russian army from the city. The Washington Post publishes a photo of their first meeting.

The guerrillas said how they fought in Kherson against the Russian authorities | PHOTO

The Security Service of Ukraine also had its own people in occupied Kherson. According to journalists, one of them is a local official, Irina. During the occupation, she regularly passed information to the secret services about how the administration created by the occupiers works and which local residents cooperate with it.

Once other partisans came to Irina’s house and asked her permission to bury some things. After the Russians left the city, the cache was dug up. As Irina was told by acquaintances from the SBU, it contained what was needed for the production of explosives.

Two anonymous members of the resistance, with whom the publication spoke, said that they killed several drunk Russians when they walked down the street alone. The interlocutors of the newspaper said that they had been stabbed. The publication was unable to verify their words.

Partisans told how they fought in Kherson with Russian authorities | PHOTO

  • The General Staff reported where the Russian Federation was moving troops from Kherson.

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